Thursday, October 19, 2017

Red Cross

Red Cross Visit 

On Wednesday, Sandy Hartley, from the Red Cross, came to GES to speak with 4th and 5th grade. She told us and showed us on a map, where certain dangers in the United States are, such as flood zones, and areas that get hurricanes or earthquakes. She told us about different safety situations and we discussed what to do when faced with certain hazards. We talked about family escape plans and things we should discuss with our families. She gave us a quiz at the end to see what we had learned. Her program was called the “Pillowcase Project” because college students during Hurricane Katrina left their dorms with just a few items stashed in their pillow cases. She gave us each a workbook and a pillowcase to decorate. We can then use the pillow case to store items we may need in an emergency situation.

Fire Safety

Fire Safety on Wednesday!

the BFG

By: Braydon and Zoey

In class we have been reading BFG. We also made dream jars and the dreams are what we want to be when we are older.

In the book Sophia gets taken by the BFG out of her bed she lives in a foster home. Blood blotter came into BFG house and thought he was talking to a human beans  and Sophia was hiding in the snozzcumber. Then the next day they went dream hunting. When they were dream hunting they found a very bad dream and it was like a jelly ball just floating around. He pulled out the bad dream and got is trumpet out then he was like take this then he blowed it into the giant's face. The giants are scared of Jack and the beanstalk because he brings weapons.

The Swamp

The Swamp
By: Ben and Kory

This Friday 2nd grade,  3rd grade and 4th  went to the swamp with the Nature Museum. We got drove by the bus. When we got there we got off the bus. Then we hiked up the mountain. We got buckets and  jars and nets to catch things with my class. We caught a lot of red spotted newts  and frogs and bugs and leeches and frog eggs and spiders. We went to two different beaver ponds.